hotel-norddeutscher-bund-baerenpark-worbisAlternative Bear Park Worbis

Eleven bears present themselves in a natural environment on an area of 40,000 m² of forest and meadow. Some once had to get to know circus domes, others a dreary cage.

None of the animals has to do any tricks for a roaring audience. Master Petz offers a completely different programme for visitors. His own: the wolves who share the outdoor enclosure with the bears steal the cucumber from Max, the quiet brown bear. The black bears Jimmy and Gonzo don't mind. They have found enough goodies in the forest and are full. Meanwhile, a honeydew melon swims in the pond, which the old brown bear Kathi will grab. Bear Laura, on the other hand, is busy renovating the winter cave from last year.

Guinea pigs and turtles feel very comfortable in the pet area of the bear park. Parakeets and other feathered friends flutter in a walk-in aviary of over 200 m². In addition raccoons cavort in good neighbourhood to bear and wolf.

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