norddeutscher bund restaurant

Dare - welcome to the Hotel Norddeutscher Bund - your expert for your unforgettable wedding party!

The day of the days. The day when everything has to be right, it should be an unforgettable experience. And because that is so, we take a lot of time in advance for you!

According to the motto: "Well planned is half won!" We first make an appointment for a personal meeting. It is important to us that you also receive a lasting impression of our service staff, because they contribute significantly to the overall success of your day of honor through their customer orientation and unobtrusive presence. Furthermore, we discuss your ideas for a perfect room design and distribution in this conversation.

Following this, we cordially invite you to set the possible buffet variations with us as well as to select hall decoration and floral arrangements suitable for this.

In order to be sure that all the details have been clarified, you will of course also receive a short written report about who is responsible for what in addition to a checklist. In this way, mistakes and nasty surprises are safely excluded.

Our very special service for you:

Of course, we are pleased to offer you a rehearsal dinner with exactly the menu, the dishes, the cutlery and the table decoration for which you have decided on your special day. In this way, we then know exactly whether everything fits, or what else needs to be changed.