Cycling Routes

hotel-norddeutscher-bund-radwegeCycle routes through the Golden Mark

Around Duderstadt cyclists can travel for days on end on a wide network of paths without ever getting bored.

Between the Göttingen Forest, the Harz Mountains and the Ohm Mountains, nature is as varied as the numerous cultural sites. The journey of discovery through the Golden Mark can be enjoyed on over 1,000 kilometres of cycling and hiking trails. The visitors follow the traces of the water, for example at the Seeburger lake or at the Rhume spring. Or they can enjoy the unique atmosphere along the former German-German border. Some tours at a glance:

Border Tracks Around the Horse Mountain
The 17 kilometre round route opens up the former border area at the former Duderstadt/Worbis border crossing. The Eichsfeld Borderland Museum is an exemplary reminder of the division of Germany.

Nature Experience Centre Gut Herbigshagen
This 16 kilometre long tour leads you on the trail of the animal filmmaker Heinz Sielmann, famous in the 20th century. At the Heinz Sielmann Nature Experience Centre on Gut Herbigshagen, every cyclist experiences nature conservation as a positive philosophy of life.

To Lake Seeburg and Max and Moritz
Lake Seeburg is the largest natural water area in southern Lower Saxony and a pearl of the Eichsfeld. From here it is only a few metres to the "birthplace" of the two rascals Max and Moritz, invented by Wilhelm Busch. The whole tour is 31 kilometres long.

To the mermaid Rhuma at the Rhume spring
The Rhumequelle is one of the largest karst springs in Europe. At peak times, up to 5,000 litres of water per second flow out of the main spring and the numerous secondary springs. This natural wonder is embedded in a 34-kilometre cycle route.