Mighty castles, colorful festivals, lively pilgrimages and breathtaking half-timbered architecture. Whether German-German border history, hiking on one of the beautiful pilgrimage trails or soothing wellness and spa options – the Eichsfeld has something to offer for every type of vacation. With our hotel arrangements we would like to invite you on a journey of discovery and give you a small selection of the best leisure tips in the Eichsfeld!

Erlebnisse in Heilbad Heiligenstadt mit dem Hotel und Restaurant Norddeutscher Bund

City Heilbad Heiligenstadt

Heiligenstadt has been a health resort since 1929 and officially received the status of a spa-town in 1950. Today, mainly inpatient rehabilitation measures are offered in state-of-the-art therapy facilities.

In addition to the charming surroundings, guests can enjoy the picturesque Heinrich Heine Spa Park, the baroque garden in the center of town and the Eichsfeld Therme (a perfect destination in Heiligenstadt for families with children). The town owes its inclusion in the “German Fairy Tale Route” in 1993 to the former presence of the Brothers Grimm.

Tourist Highlights

  • Literature museum “Theodor Storm” in the Mainzer Haus, am Berge
  • former Jesuit college (built in 1740) incl. Eichsfeld local history museum
  • three remarkably beautiful Gothic churches surrounded by imposing Baroque secular buildings and pretty half-timbered houses
  • exciting events in the Eichsfelder Kulturhaus as well as traditional folk festivals (e. g. “Festival of the Heiligenstadt Carrot Kings” in September, spa concerts, children’s festival, Neptune Festival, Fairy Tale Park Festival etc.)
  • lively shopping street “Wilhelm” in the center of the town
Erlebnisse beim Radeln durch die Eichsfelder Landschaft mit dem Hotel und Restaurant Norddeutscher Bund


If you are looking for natural excursion destinations in the Eichsfeld, the best way to discover the Golden Mark is by bike.

Follow the traces of water, for example at the Seeburger See or at the Rhumequelle. Or enjoy the unique atmosphere along the former German-German border.


  • Border traces around the Pferdeberg
    (17 km long circular route along the former German-German border in the area of Duderstadt/Worbis)
  • Nature-experience-center manor Herbigshagen
    (16 km long tour in the footsteps of the famous animal filmmaker Heinz Sielmann)
  • To the Seeburger lake and to Max and Moritz
    (31 km long tour to the “Eye of the Eichsfeld”, the largest natural water area in southern Lower Saxony; on the way it is worthwhile to visit the “birthplace” of the Wilhelm-Busch-lousy boys Max and Moritz)
  • To the mermaid Rhuma at the Rhume spring
    (34 km long tour to one of the largest karst springs in Europe)
Wandern im Eichsfeld mit dem Hotel und Restaurant Norddeutscher Bund


The Eichsfeld is one of the greenest regions in Germany and offers generous areas of almost untouched nature – especially along the so-called “Green Belt”, a natural biotope along the former border strip between East and West that has remained untouched since the reunification of Germany.


  • Leine-Werra-hiking trail (98 km long hiking trail route from Heiligenstadt to Creuzburg and through almost untouched nature with wild rocky outcrops and unspoiled river landscapes)
  • Eichsfeld-hiking trail (280 km long trail through the entire Eichsfeld region through breathtaking landscapes and past cute half-timbered villages)
  • TOP-hiking trail Dieteröder Cliffs (7,5 km long circular hiking trail to the Dieteröder Klippen with its start at the nature park center in Fürstenhagen and with a good view all the way to the Thuringian Forest)
Erlebnisse im alternativen Bärenpark Worbis mit dem Hotel und Restaurant Norddeutscher Bund

Alternative Bear Park Worbis

Impressive brown bears and many other wild animals can be observed in the Alternative Bear Park Worbis in their natural environment in an area of 40.000 m² forest and meadow.

The bears were freed from sometimes terrible keeping conditions to live here in peace and with due distance to the visitors.

Wolves, turtles, cute raccoons and many bird species can also be found here (our top leisure tip in Eichsfeld for families with children!).

Bear Park-Highlights

  • varying and nature-oriented children’s holiday programs
  • exciting park tours for visitor groups / school classes etc.
  • VIP tours